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Couplings & Bearings Manufacturing

COUPLINGS are used to couple or join shafts. There are two types of couplings: Permanent Couplings and Clutches. Permanent couplings are normally not disconnected except for assembly or disassembly purposes, whereas clutches permit shafts to be connected or disconnected at will. BEARINGS on the other hand, permit smooth, low friction movement between two surfaces. The movement of bearings can be either rotary (i.e. a shaft rotating within a mount) or linear (i.e. one surface moving along another). Bearings can employ either a sliding or a rolling action. Bearings based on rolling action are called rolling-element bearings. Those based on sliding action are called plain bearings.


- Solid Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Universal Couplings

- Beamed Couplings

- Rubber Ball Type Couplings

- Steel - Spring Type Couplings

- Sleeve and Flanged Type Coupling

- Hook's Type Universal Joints (Single, Double)

- Constant Velocity Universal Joint

Our stocked couplings include famous brands including Timken, AGS-TECH as well as other quality brands. Below you can click and download catalogues of some of the most popular couplings. Please tell us the catalogue number/model number and the quantity you would like to order and we will offer you the best prices and lead times along with offers for alternative brands similar in quality. We can supply original brand name as well as generic brand name couplings. Please click on highlighted text below to download relevant brochure or catalog:

Flexible Couplings - FCL Model and FL Jaw Models

Timken Quick Flex Couplings Catalog

Click on highlighted text to download our catalog for our NTN Model Constant Velocity Joints for Industrial Machines

CLUTCHES: Even though these are considered nonpermanent couplings, we have a devoted page on clutches and you can be transfered there by clicking here.

BEARINGS: The type of bearings we carry in stock are:

- Plain Bearings / Sleeve Bearings / Journal Bearings / Thrust Bearings

- Antifriction Bearings: Ball, Roller and Needle Bearings

- Radial Load, Thrust Load, Combination Radial and Thrust Load Bearings

- Hydrodynamic, Fluid-Film, Hydrostatic, Boundary Lubricated, Self Lubricated Bearings, Powdered-Metal Bearings, Sintered-Metal Bearings, Oil-Impregnated Bearings

- Metal, Metal Alloy, Plastic and Ceramic Bearings

- Ball Bearings: Radial, Thrust, Angular - Contact Type, Deep-Groove, Self - Aligning, Single - Row, Double - Row, Flat - Race, One - Directional and Two - Directional Grooved - Race Bearings

- Roller Bearings: Cylindirical, Tapered, Spherical, Needle (loose and caged) Bearings

- Premounted bearing units

CLICK HERE to download our engineering guide for selection of bearings.

Our stocked bearings include famous brands including Timken, NTN, NSK, Kaydon, KBC, KML, SKF, AGS-TECH as well as other quality brands. Below you can click and download catalogues of some of the most popular bearings. Please tell us the catalogue number/model number and the quantity you would like to order and we will offer you the best prices and lead times along with offers for alternative brands similar in quality. We can supply original brand name as well as generic brand name bearings. Click on highlighted text to download relevant product brochures:

- Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

- Rolling Mill Bearings

- Spherical Plain Bearings and Rod Ends

- Bearings for Material Handling Systems

- Supporting Rollers

- Needle Roller Bearings

- Automobile Bearings (go to page 116)

- Non-Standard Bearings (go to page 121)

- Slewing Drive Bearings

- Slewing Rings and Bearings

- Linear Bearings, Plain and Ball, Thin Wall, Sleeve, Flange Mount, Die-Set Flange Mount Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Square Bearings and various Shafts & Slides

- Timken Cylindirical Roller Bearing Catalog

- Timken Spherical Roller Bearing Catalog

- Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Catalog

- Timken Ball Bearings Catalog

- Timken Thrust and Plain Bearings Catalog

- Timken All-Purpose Bearing Catalog

- Timken Engineering Manual







We also manufacture our customers complicated shaft, bearing and housing assemblies, premounted bearings, bearings with seals for grease and oil lubrication.

- Premounted Bearings: These consist of a bearing element and housing. Premounted bearings are generally assembled to permit convenient adaptation to a machinery frame. All components of premounted bearings are incorporated within a single unit to ensure proper protection, lubrication and operation. Premounted bearings are available for a wide range of shaft sizes and a variety of housing designs. Rigid as well as self-aligning premounted bearings are offered. The self-aligning bearings compensate for minor misalignment in mounting structures. Expansion and nonexpansion bearings are available. Expansion bearings permit axial shaft movement and have applications for expansion units in equipment in which shafts become heated and increase in length at a greater rate than the structure on which the bearings are mounted. Nonexpansion bearings on the other hand, restrict shaft movement relative to the mounting structure.

- Grease and Oil Lubricated Sealed Bearings: For bearings to operate properly, they need to be protected against loss of lubricant and also entrance of dirt and dust on bearing surfaces. Housing seals for grease and oil lubrication include felt ring, grease grooves, leather or synthetic rubber cuff seals, labyrinth seals, oil grooves and flingers. More specific information on the various types of seals used in the broader spectrum of applications can be found on our page on mechanical seals by clicking here.

- Shaft, Bearing and Housing Assemblies: For ball or roller bearings to function properly, both the fit between the inner ring and the shaft and the fit between the outer ring and the housing must be suitable for the application. We assure that desired fits are obtained by selecting the proper tolerances for the shaft diameter and the housing bore. Bearings are generally mounted on the shaft or on tapered adapter sleeves. To hold the bearing inner ring axially on the shaft, we sometimes use a lock-nut and lock-washer. Depending on axial forces and their potential to displace bearings on the shaft we decide what method to use. Sometimes this is achieved by incorporating a shoulder in the design against which the bearing taking the load is pressed. It is impractical to mount bearings on long standard shafts with an interference fit. Therefore, we usually apply them with tapered adapter sleeves. The sleeves outer surfaces are tapered and match the tapered bores of the bearings inner rings. This assures a tight fit between the bearing’s inner ring and the shaft. Contact us and we will help you choose the right match of bearings, shafts and housing assemblies.

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