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Industrial Machines and Equipment Manufacturing

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We supply our customers custom manufactured and off-shelf industrial machines and equipment.

- Brand new custom manufactured industrial machine or equipment made to your needs and specifications.

- Brand new off-shelf industrial machines and equipment

- Refurbished, rebuilt or upgraded industrial machines and equipment

Some types of machines and equipment we are experienced in include the following generic groups:

- Robotic Machines, Robots

- High Vacuum Equipment

- Equipment for clean rooms and critical environments.

- Thermal Processing Machines and Equipment

- Continuous Process Machines and Equipment

- Web Forming, Handling & Converting

Some of the type of automation we can incorporate in your custom made equipment include:

- Motion Control

- Power & Control

- Dipping and Dispensing

- Pick and Place

- Controlled Shaking

- Controlled Rotation

- Slitting and Cutting

- Oiling, Surface Finishing, Painting, Coating

- Controlled Grinding and Chopping  

- Automated Inspection

- Special Purpose Machines Automation

- One-Off Machines

- Smart Factory


Machines and equipment we build or supply include the following industrial sectors:

- Food and Beverage

- Heavy Industry

- Biomedical

- Pharmaceutical

- Chemical Industry

- Construction

- Glass and Ceramics Industry

- High-Tech Industries

- Consumer Goods Industry

- Textile Industry

Some specific machines and equipment built, rebuilt or upgraded include:

- Pipe bending machines

- Press room equipment such as sheet metal bending and forming machines

- Cable and wire winding machines, coil processing

- Hydraulic and pneumatic lifting, turning systems

- Single and double leg crushers

- Labeling, printing, packaging machines

- Metal forming machinery

- Custom part handling machinery

- Slitting, trimming, cutting machines

- Shape correction and leveling machinery

- Grinding machines

- Chopping Machinery

- Ovens, dryers, roasters

- Food processing machines

- Sizing and separation machines

- Industrial filling machine solutions

- Horizontal, incline, belt, bucket conveyors

- Oiling, finishing, painting, coating machines

- Surface treatment equipment

- Pollution control equipment

- Inspection and quality control equipment

- 2D and 3D vision systems


Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

Below, you can click and download brochures of some high quality products we use in manufacturing and integration of your custom industrial machines and equipment. If you wish, you may also procure these products from us for below list-prices and build your own systems:

Catalog for Vandal-Proof IP65/IP67/IP68 Keyboards, Keypads, Pointing Devices, ATM Pinpads, Medical & Military Keyboards and other similar Rugged Computer Peripherals

Collaborative Robots

Customized Agricultural Robots

Customized Commercial Places Robots

Customized Health Care and Hospital Robots

Customized Warehousing Robots

Customized Robots for a Variety of Applications

Hikrobot Machine Vision Products

Hikrobot Smart Machine Vision Products

Hikrobot Machine Vision Standard Products

Hikvision Logistic Vision Solutions

Robot Palletizing Workstation

Robotic Laser Welding Workstation

Robotics Product Brochure

Robotics Workstations

Selection Guide of Industrial Robot Platforms

Welding Robots Brochure

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