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Global Custom Manufacturer AGS-TECH
AGS-TECH, Inc.  is your


Global Custom Manufacturer, Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing Partner.

We are your one-stop source for manufacturing, fabrication, engineering, consolidation, outsourcing.

Company Information - Manufacturing & Fabrication & Assembly at AGS-TECH Inc

Welcome to AGS-TECH Inc. ! We are an established global leader in supplying a variety of industrial products and services. Our difference is that we are a one stop shop where you can fulfill most of your CUSTOM MANUFACTURING, FABRICATION and ASSEMBLY needs such as MOULDS, PLASTIC & RUBBER MOULDING, DIE MAKING, SHEET METAL FABRICATION & FORMING, METAL STAMPING, CASTING, FORGING, CNC MACHINING, POWDER METALLURGY, MACHINE ELEMENTS, TECHNICAL CERAMIC manufacturing, CUSTOM ELECTRONICS, OPTICS, FIBER OPTIC assembly, TEST and METROLOGY EQUIPMENT, INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS, AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT and also obtain ENGINEERING and TECHNICAL SERVICES, logistic support and business services.

You do not need to shop from many places in order to procure all the parts and components for your products and projects, you do not need to deal with each supplier separately, ship products back and forth...etc. This is too difficult and expensive. We have it all for you at one place ! We can consolidate all for you to keep your manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, packaging, labeling and shipping costs down. We can design, manufacture, assemble, qualify, package, label, warehouse and ship them to you or your customer. If you do not have a freight forwarder, we can handle your shipping, import and customs work for you. If you wish we can drop ship with your name and logo.

Since we work globally, we are able to supply you 1.) Better Quality 2.) Better Prices 3.) Better Lead Times. Our strength comes from our elite team consisting of well educated, experienced and established leaders stationed at our strategic global locations. Our advanced technology group has a network with hundreds of globally recognized engineers and seasoned technical managers in the US, in the EU and Southeast Asia. Our advanced technical team members hold multiple patents in their areas of expertise, many have dozens of publications in internationally recognized journals and are inventors with graduate degrees from top universities in the World. We constantly follow-up with the most recent advancements in technology in order to keep our spot as the leader. We have teams in the USA & EU as well as in low cost countries such as China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea where a significant portion of our products are manufactured. Our marketing and 

sales headquarters are located in the USA. While our QC Department (Quality Control) monitors closesly all manufacturing and shipping data, analyzing trends in efficiency, yield, return, rework and scrap rates at each factory and works on continuous improvement, our marketing team constantly looks out for business and technological trends, new products and opportunities so we can always offer the best to our customers. Protection of our customers intellectual property is of utmost importance to us and therefore we only convey information based on ''Need to Know'' basis within our organization. Our offshore offices work closely on a daily basis with our core team in the US so we are all aligned for the same goal: To make our customers succeed and become more competitive in the global marketplace. The more successful and competitive our customers become, the more we will succeed.

If you are an existing customer, please browse through our website frequently to find new product updates we post whenever available. If you are new to us, please go through our website to understand our company better and send us any of your technical drawings, blueprints, specification sheets, samples and see first hand the competitive prices we can offer. We have cut procurement costs by over 50% or more for most of our customers. Why pay more in a World where only the most competitive companies can survive ? Be smart and don't let others rip you off charging you absurd prices with nonsense justification such as providing high quality manufacturing and fabrication possible for high prices only, or with ridiculous claims such as being All-American while they import 90% of their parts and only relabel them...etc. These kind of words are all nonsense to us, because we know very well that excellent quality and delivery can be offered for a fraction of the price ! Ask us for customer references and we will be happy to provide them to you. Depending on your needs we can manufacture your products either domestically or offshore. We know very well when domestic manufacturing is more feasible and when offshore is more feasible.

If you are mostly interested in our engineering and research & development capabilities instead of manufacturing, fabrication and assembly capabilities, then we invite you to visit our engineering site

We are AGS-TECH Inc., your one-stop source for manufacturing & fabrication & engineering & outsourcing & consolidation. We are the World's most diverse engineering integrator offering you custom manufacturing, subassembly, assembly of products and engineering services.

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