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Custom Optical & Fiber Optics & Optoelectronic Assemblies

Optical Coatings & Filter Manufacturing
Fiber Optic Products 
Customized Optomechanical Assemblies
Custom Optical & Fiber Optics & Optoelectronic Assemblies

We focus our attention on CUSTOM OPTICS, FIBER OPTICS, OPTOMECHANICAL and OPTOELECTRONIC components, subassemblies and complete product assemblies. Our technical and business know-how enables us to choose the right components and assemble products according to your specifications. Custom manufacturing opportunities are endless. Describe us what your challenges are and let us design and manufacture optical & fiber optical products for you. Our products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000, QS9000, ISO14001, TS16949 certified environments, possess CE, UL mark or FDA approval (when needed) and meet other industry standards. Our telecommunication fiber optical products pass Telcordia standards. Our optical engineers have many years of experience working with Zemax and Code V optical design softwares. Their expertise covers free space optics, guided wave optics, optical devices and systems, design and development of multilayer optical coatings at different spectral regions.

We not only supply products. Our company works on custom engineering contracts where we come to your site, evaluate your project on site and develop a project proposal custom tailored for you. We then send our experienced team to implement the project. Examples of contract work include installation of fiber optic detection system to detect any damages to your pipelines. We take small scale prototyping and new product development projects as well as large projects at industrial scale. If you are mostly interested in our engineering and research & development capabilities instead of manufacturing capabilities, then we invite you to visit our engineering site

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