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Jigs, Fixtures, Tools, Workholding Solutions Manufacturing

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We offer custom manufactured and off-shelf jigs, fixtures and toolings for your workshop, factory, plant lab or other facility. 

The types of jigs you can purchase from us are:

- Template Jig

- Plate Jig

- Angle-Plate Jig

- Channel Jig

- Diameter Jig

- Leaf Jig

- Ring Jig

- Box Jig

The types of fixtures we can supply you are:

- Turning Fixtures

- Milling Fixtures

- Broaching Fixtures

- Grinding Fixtures

- Boring Fixtures

- Tapping Fixtures

- Duplex Fixtures

- Welding Fixtures

- Assembly Fixtures

- Drilling Fixtures

- Indexing Fixtures

Some cathegories of industrial machine tools we manufacture and ship include:

- Press tools and dies, shears

- Extrusion dies

- Molds, molding and casting tools

- Forming tools

- Shaping tools

- Drilling, cutting, broaching, hobbing tools

- Grinding tools

- Machining, milling, turning tools

- Holding and clamping tools

Workholding Tools Catalog - 1

Check this catalog for our 100% EROWA and 3R compatible workholding tools. We accept OEM work, you can send us a drawing for evaluation.

Workholding Tools Catalog - 2

Check this catalog for our Workholding Devices, Die and Mold Clamps, Clamping Elements, Clamping Kits, Fixture Clamps, Toggle Clamps, Milling & MC Vices, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps, Milling & Grinding Accessories, Wire Cut EDM Workholders...etc. We accept OEM work, you can send us a drawing for evaluation.

EDM Tooling - Workholding Catalog

Includes EDM Tooling System and Elements, EROWA Link, 3R-Link, UniClamp, Square Clamp, RefTool Holder, PIN Holder System, Clamping Elements, Swivel Block and Vises, CentroClamp, EDM Spare Parts....etc.

Wire EDM Tooling - Workholding Catalog

Includes Wire EDM Clamping Systems & Sets, Corner Sets, Ruler & Spanner, EDM Clamping Block, 3D Swivel Head, Vise Set, WEDM Vises and Magnetic Tables, Multiclamp, Wire EDM Pendulum Holder, V-Block, ICS Adapter, Beams, Beam IF, Z-Flex, Turn and Index Table, Collet Chuck Holder, EDM Link and Adapter, 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck ....etc.   

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