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Engineering Integration - Mechanical & Optical & Electronic & Software Integration

Engineering Integration - Mechanical & Optical & Electronic & Software Integration

We not only manufacture individual components. We also provide ENGINEERING INTEGRATION - Mechanical & Optical & Electronic & Software Integration, Assembly and Testing. In other words, we can manufacture your components and parts and can sub-assemble them or assemble them into complete products. Furthermore we can integrate hardware with software and firmware, perform testing and qualification on your products, we can label, package and ship to you as ready to sell to your customers. The types of engineering integration services we have been offering  to our customers for many years include:

- Engineering integration and assembly of mechanical components made of metals, alloys, plastics and elastomers (rubbers). Examples of products we manufactured are pulley, bearing and gear assemblies, jigs and fixtures manufactured by us for specific applications.

- Engineering integration and assembly of electrical and electronic components such as printed circuit boards, wire and cable assemblies, heat sinks, product housing and package. Typical examples are power supplies we have been manufacturing for our customers.

- Engineering integration and assembly of optical components with mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Typical examples are optical sensing devices, optical testing devices.

- Engineering integration of optical, electronic and mechanical hardware with software. Various robots and automation systems we manufactured for our clients are examples to this group. We can write the code and program your embedded systems, robots and automation equipment or if you already have a written code, we can integrate it with your new system, debug, modify and further improve your code. For some projects we have successfully integrated off-shelf software or freely available code into systems of our customers.

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Engineering Integration

If you are mostly interested in our engineering and research & development capabilities instead of manufacturing capabilities, then we invite you to visit our engineering website

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