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Custom Manufactured Parts & Assemblies & Products

Custom Manufactured Parts & Assemblies and Products from Plastics
Custom Manufactured Parts & Assemblies and Products by CNC
Custom Manufactured Parts & Assemblies and Products
Custom Manufactured Parts & Assemblies and Products from Engineering Ceramics

We produce parts and assemblies for you and offer the following manufacturing processes:
• Plastic and rubber moulds and moulded parts. Injection moulding, thermoforming, thermoset moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding, rotational moulding, pour moulding, insert moulding and others.
• Plastic, rubber and metal extrusions
• Ferrous and nonferrous castings and machined parts produced by milling and turning techniques, Swiss-type machining.
• Powder metallurgy parts
• Metal and nonmetal stampings, sheet metal forming, welded sheet metal assemblies
• Cold and hot forging
• Wires, welded wire assemblies, wire forming
• Various types of springs, spring forming 
• Gear manufacturing, gearbox, coupling, worm, speed reducer, cylinder, transmission belts, transmission chains, transmission components
• Custom tempered and bulletproof glass compliant with NATO and military standards
• Balls, bearings, pulleys and pulley assemblies
• Valves and pneumatic components such as O-ring, washer and seals
• Glass and ceramic parts and assemblies, vacuum proof and hermetic components, metal-ceramic and ceramic-ceramic bonding.
• Various types of mechanical, optomechanical, electromechanical, optoelectronic assemblies.
• Metal-rubber, metal-plastic bonding 
• Pipe and tube, pipe forming, bending and custom pipe assemblies, bellow manufacturing.
• Fiberglass manufacturing
• Welding using various techniques such as spot welding, laser welding, MIG, TIG. Ultrasonic welding for plastic parts.
• Vast variety of surface treatments and surface finishes such as surface conditioning to enhance adhesion, depositing thin oxide layer to enhance adhesion of coating, sand blasting, chem-film, anodizing, nitriding, powder coating, spray coating, various advanced metallization and coating techniques including sputtering, electron beam, evaporation, plating, hard coatings such as diamond like carbon (DLC) or titanium for cutting and drilling tools.
• Marking and labeling, laser marking on metal parts, printing on plastic and rubber parts

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We build products according to your particular specifications and requirements. In order to offer you the best quality, delivery and prices, we manufacture products globally in China, India, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, USA, Canada, Germany, UK and Japan.  This makes us much stronger and globally more competitive than any other custom manufacturer. Our products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000, QS9000, ISO14001, TS16949 certified environments and possess CE, UL mark and meet other industry standards. Once we are appointed for your project, we can take care of the entire manufacturing, assembly, testing, qualification, shipping & customs as you wish. If you prefer, we can warehouse your parts, assemble custom kits, print and label your company name & brand and drop ship to your customers. In other words, we can be your warehousing and distribution center as well if preferred. Since our warehouses are located near major seaports, it gives us logistical advantage. For example, when your products arrive at a major USA seaport, we can transport it directly to a nearby warehouse where we can store, assemble, make kits, relabel, print, package according to your choice and drop ship to your customers.


We not only supply products. Our company works on custom contracts where we come to your site, evaluate your project on site and develop a project proposal custom designed for you. We then send our experienced team to implement the project. More information about our engineering work can be found on  -We take small projects as well as large projects at industrial scale. As a first step, we can connect you either by phone , teleconferencing or MSN messenger to our expert team members, so you can communicate directly to an expert, ask questions and discuss your project. Call us and if needed we will come and visit you. 

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