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Fasteners, Rigging Hardware Manufacturing   

Fasteners, Rigging Hardware Manufacturing   

For information on our manufacturing capabilities of fasteners, you may visit our dedicated page by clicking here: Go to Fasteners Page

However, if you are looking for Rigging Hardware, then continue reading and scroll down this page please.

Rigging Hardware


Rigging hardware is an essential component in any hoisting, lifting, fastening system involving ropes, belts, chains...etc. The quality, strength, durability, lifetime and overall reliability of rigging hardware can be a bottleneck, a limiting factor if the right product of high quality is not chosen for your systems, no matter how good the other components are. You can think of it like a chain, where a single damaged chain link can potentially cause failure of the entire chain. Our rigging hardware products include many items such as cable gliders, clevises, fittings, hooks, shackles, snap hooks, connecting links, swivels, grab links, wire rope clips and much more. 


Prices of fasteners and rigging hardware components depend on product, model and quantity of your order. It also depends on whether you need an off-the-shelf product or need us to custom manufacture the fasteners and rigging hardware components to your specifications, drawings and needs.

Since we carry a wide variety of fasteners and rigging hardware with different dimensions, applications, material grade and coating; in case you can't find a suitable product below in one of our catalogs, we encourage you to email or call us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. When contacting us, please make sure to provide us some of the following key information:

- Application for the fasteners or rigging hardware product


- Material grade needed for your fasteners & rigging hardware components


- Dimensions


- Finish


- Packaging requirements


- Labeling requirements


- Quantity per order / Yearly demand

Please download our relevant product brochures by clicking on the colored links below:

Standard Rigging Hardware - Shackles

Standard Rigging Hardware - Eye Bolt and Nut

Standard Rigging Hardware - Turnbuckles

Standard Rigging Hardware - Wire Rope Clip

Standard Rigging Hardware - Hooks

Standard Rigging Hardware - Load Binder

Standard Rigging Hardware - New Products 

Standard Rigging Hardware - Stainless Steel

Standard Rigging Hardware - Steel Wires - Steel Wire Ropes and Cables

Standard Rigging Hardware - Synthetic Plastic Ropes

Standard Rigging Hardware - Traditional-Ropes-Manila-Polyhemp-Sisal-Cotton

LINK CHAINS have torus shaped links. They are used in bicycle locks, as locking chains, sometimes as pulling & hoisting chains and similar applications.​ Here is our downloadable product brochure for off-the-shelf link chains:

Link Chains - Steel Chains - International Chains - Stainless Steel Chains and Accessories

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