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Custom Electrical & Electronic Products Manufacturing

Microwave Components and Systems Manufacturing & Assembly
Solenoids and Electromagnetic Components & Assemblies
PCB & PCBA Manufacturing and Assembly
Display & Touchscreen & Monitor Manufacturing and Assembly
Custom Electrical & Electronic Products Manufacturing
Electrical & Electronic Cable Assembly & Interconnects

We offer:


• Custom Cable Assembly, PCB, Display & Touchscreen (such as iPod), Power & Energy Components, Wireless, Microwave, Motion Control Components, Lighting Products, Electromagnetic and Electronic Components.

We build products according to your particular specifications and requirements. Our products are manufactured in ISO9001:2000, QS9000, ISO14001, TS16949 certified environments and possess CE, UL mark and meet other industry standards such as IEEE, ANSI. Once we are appointed for your project, we are able to take care of the entire manufacturing, assembly, testing, qualification, shipping & customs. If you prefer, we can warehouse your parts, assemble custom kits, print and label your company name & brand and ship to your customers. In other words, we can be your warehousing and distribution center if you prefer this. Since our warehouses are located near major seaports, it gives us logistical advantage. For example, when your products arrive at a major USA seaport, we can transport it directly to a nearby warehouse where we can store, assemble, make kits, relabel, print, package according to your choice and drop ship to your customers if you wish.

We not only supply products. Our company works on custom contracts where we come to your site, evaluate your project on site and develop a project proposal custom designed for you. We then send our experienced team to implement the project. Examples of contract work include installation of solar modules, wind generators, LED lighting and energy saving automation systems at your industrial facility to reduce your energy bills, installation of fiberoptic detection system to detect any damages to your pipelines or to detect potential intruders breaking into your premises. We take small projects as well as large projects at industrial scale. As a first step, we can connect you either by phone, teleconferencing or MSN messenger to our expert team members, so you can communicate directly to an expert, ask questions and discuss your project. If needed we will come and visit you.

If you have a need for any of these products or you have questions, please call us at +1-505-550-6501 or email us at

If you are mostly interested in our engineering and research & development capabilities instead of manufacturing capabilities, then we invite you to visit our engineering website

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