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Plastic Molds & Molding & Extrusion

Moulded plastic components assembled into a motorcycle taillight. AGS-TECH manufactured for a customer the parts and the entire electronic assembly which meets Department of Transportation requirements.

Plastic moulded electronic eyeglass cases

Motion activated precision molded plastic eyeglass case assembly

Plastic injection moulded eyeglass case bottom view

Motion activated precision molded plastic eyeglass case assembly

Plastic Components Moulding and Assembly by AGS-TECH Inc.

Circuit board and moulded plastic components assembled into medical oven

Plastic moulding and assembly by AGS-TECH Inc

Manufacturing of plastic toys

Precision injection mouldings

Injection molded parts assembled together

Moulded parts manufactured by AGS-TECH on a repeat basis

Rapid Prototyping of Plastic Products

FDA approved extruded - molded plastic consumer products from AGS-TECH

Injection molded pneumatic components

FDA approved plastic products for food and beverage from AGS-TECH

Precision plastic extrusions from AGS-TECH 

Plastic extrusions and extrusion die manufacturing at AGS-TECH

UHMWPE Wearing Strips Extruded

UHMW PE tracks - Plastic Molding and Extrusions at AGS-TECH Inc 

UHMW PE tracks - Plastic Extrusions at AGS-TECH Inc 

Blow Molded Recovery Coolant Tank by AGS-TECH. 

Injection Blow Molding of Various Containers - AGS-TECH Inc. 

UHMWPE Extrusion Parts - AGS-TECH Inc 

Plastic Blow Molded Pole Base by AGS-TECH Inc. 

Injection and Blow Molding for Manufacturing Instrument Carrying Cases - AGS-TECH Inc. 

Blow moulding at AGS-TECH Inc. 

Blow Moulds for Plastic Containers - AGS-TECH Inc.

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