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Manufacturing of Extraordinary Products

With extraordinary products we mean those that require specialized knowledge, skills and equipment for manufacturing. For example if you need custom brushes be manufactured for a special processing application, and if an off-shelf brush product is not available readily, you would need to speak to us to make sure you do not waste monetary and time resources trying to have a molding plant develop and manufacture a brush for your application. An engineering firm or a manufacturing plant that is not specialized particularly in brushes will very likely waste your time and funds and at the end not be able to deliver a satisfying product. Similarly, if you want a custom sized metal tank (container) be developed and manufactured for your process equipment, many things can go wrong if you assign the task to an ordinary sheet metal fabricator. Tanks need to be made of the right material, right gauge, welded and finished accordingly and accessories such as pressure gauges, temperature gauges, dispensers….etc have to be correctly chosen and installed at the right locations. It definitely requires the right expertise so you do not end up with a dangerous tank that may explode or leak corrosive chemicals. The type of extraordinary products developed and manufactured by us include the following (Please click on blue highlighted text below to go to the respective page):

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