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AGS-TECH, Inc.  is your:


Global Custom Manufacturer, Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing Partner for a Wide Variety of Products & Services.

We are your one-stop source for manufacturing, fabrication, engineering, consolidation, outsourcing of custom manufactured and off-shelf products. We also private label / white label your products with your brand name if you wish.

  • Custom Manufacturing of Parts, Components, Assemblies, Finished Products, Machines and Industrial Equipment

  • Domestic & Global Contract Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Outsourcing

  • Domestic, Global Procurement of Industrial Products

  • Private labeling / white labeling your products with your brand name

  • Product Finding & Locating Services

  • Global Design and Channel Partnership

  • Engineering Integration​

  • Engineering Services

  • Global Consolidation​, Warehousing, Logistics

ABOUT AGS-TECH, Inc. - Your Global Custom Manufacturer, Engineering Integrator, Consolidator, Outsourcing Partner

AGS-TECH Inc. is a manufacturer,engineering integrator,global supplier of industrial products including moulds,moulded plastic and rubber parts,castings,extrusions,sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping & forging,CNC machining,machine elements,powder metallurgy,ceramic & glass forming, wire / spring forming,joining & assembly & fasteners,non-conventional fabrication, microfabrication,nanotechnology coatings & thin film,custom mechanical & electric electronic components & assemblies & PCB & PCBA & cable harness,optical & fiber optic components & assembly,test & metrology equipment like hardness testers,metallurgical microscopes,ultrasonic fault detectors,industrial computers,embedded systems,automation & panel PC,single board computers,quality control equipment. Besides products,with our global engineering,reverse engineering,research & development,product development,additive and rapid manufacturing, prototyping,project management capabilities we offer technical,logistic and business assistance to make you more competitive and successful in the global markets. Our mission is simple: Making our customers succeed and grow. How ? By providing 1.) Better Quality 2.) Better Price 3.) Better Delivery........ all from a single company and the World's most diverse global engineering integrator and supplier AGS-TECH Inc.

You can provide us your blueprints and we can machine moulds, dies and tools for manufacturing your parts. We produce them by either molding, casting, extrusion, forging, sheet-metal fabrication, stamping, powder metallurgy, CNC machining, forming. We can either ship you parts and components or perform assembly, fabrication and complete manufacturing operations at our facilities. Our assembly operations involve mechanical, optical, electronic, fiber optic products. We perform joining operations using fasteners, welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding and more. Our molding processes are for a variety of plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, powder metallurgy materials. So are our casting, CNC machining, forging, sheet metal fabrication, wire & spring forming processes which involve metals, alloys, plastic, ceramic. We offer final finishing operations such as coatings & thin and thick film, grinding, lapping, polishing and more.

Our manufacturing capabilities extend beyond mechanical assembly. We manufacture electric electronic components & assemblies & PCB & PCBA & cable harness, optical & fiber optic components & assembly according to your technical drawings, BOM, Gerber files. Various PCB and PCBA manufacturing techniques including reflow soldering and wave soldering besides others are deployed. We are experts in precision connectorization, joining, assembly and sealing of hermetic electronic and fiber optical packages and products. Besides passive and active mechanical assembly, we take advantage of special brazing and soldering materials and techniques for manufacturing products compliant to Telcordia and other industry standards.

We are not limited with high volume manufacturing and fabrication. Almost every project starts with a need for engineering, reverse engineering, research & development, product development, additive and rapid manufacturing, prototyping. As the World's most diverse global custom manufacturer, engineering integrator, consolidator, outsourcing partner, we welcome you even if you only have ideas. We take you from there and help you at all phases of a successful complete product development and manufacturing cycle. Whether it is rapid sheet metal fabrication, rapid mould machining and molding, rapid casting, rapid PCB & PCBA assembly or else any rapid prototyping technique is at your service.

We offer you off-the-shelf as well as custom manufactured metrology equipment like hardness testers, metallurgical microscopes, ultrasonic fault detectors; industrial computers, embedded systems, automation & panel PC, single board computers and quality control equipment that are widely used in manufacturing and industrial facilities. By offering you state-of-the-art metrology equipment and industrial computer components we complement your needs as a single source manufacturer and supplier where you can source all what you need.

Without a wide spectrum of engineering services, we would be no different than the majority of other manufacturers and sellers with limited custom manufacturing and assembly capabilities that are out there in the market. The span of our engineering services distinguishes us as the World’s most diverse custom manufacturer, contract manufacturer, engineering integrator, consolidator and outsourcing partner. Engineering services can be offered as alone or as part of new product or process development, or as part of an existing product or process development or as anything else that comes to your mind. We are flexible and our engineering services can take the form that best fits your needs and requirements. The deliverables and output of our engineering services is limited only by your imagination and can take any form that suits you. The most common forms of output from our engineering services are: Consultation reports, test sheets and reports, inspection reports, blueprints, engineering drawings, assembly drawings, bill of material lists, datasheets, simulations, software programs, graphics and charts, output from specialized optical, thermal or other software programs, samples and prototypes, models, demonstrations…..etc. Our engineering services can be delivered with a signature or several signatures of certified professional engineers in your state. Sometimes a number of professional engineers from different disciplines may be required to sign the work. Outsourcing engineering services to us can provide you many benefits such as cost savings from hiring a full-time engineer or engineers, quickly getting the expert engineer to serve you within your timeframe and budget rather than searching to hire one, giving you the ability to quit a project quickly in case you realize it is not feasible (this is very costly in case you hire and lay-off your own engineers), quickly be able to switch engineers from different disciplines and backgrounds giving you the capability to maneuver at any time and phase of your projects…..etc. There are many other benefits to outsourcing engineering services in addition to custom manufacturing and assembly. On this site we will focus on custom manufacturing, contract manufacturing, assembly, integration, consolidation and outsourcing of products. If the engineering side of our business is of more interest to you, you can find detailed information about our engineering services by visiting

We are AGS-TECH Inc., your one-stop source for manufacturing & fabrication & engineering & outsourcing & consolidation. We are the World's most diverse engineering integrator offering you custom manufacturing, subassembly, assembly of products and engineering services.

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