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Industrial Machines and Equipment Manufacturing

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We supply our customers custom manufactured and off-shelf industrial machines and equipment.

- Brand new custom manufactured industrial machine or equipment made to your needs and specifications.

- Brand new off-shelf industrial machines and equipment

- Refurbished, rebuilt or upgraded industrial machines and equipment

Some types of machines and equipment we are experienced in include the following generic groups:

- Robotic Machines, Robots

- High Vacuum Equipment

- Equipment for clean rooms and critical environments.

- Thermal Processing Machines and Equipment

- Continuous Process Machines and Equipment

- Web Forming, Handling & Converting

Some of the type of automation we can incorporate in your custom made equipment include:

- Motion Control

- Power & Control

- Dipping and Dispensing

- Pick and Place

- Controlled Shaking

- Controlled Rotation

- Slitting and Cutting

- Oiling, Surface Finishing, Painting, Coating

- Controlled Grinding and Chopping  

- Automated Inspection

- Special Purpose Machines Automation

- One-Off Machines

- Smart Factory


Machines and equipment we build or supply include the following industrial sectors:

- Food and Beverage

- Heavy Industry

- Biomedical

- Pharmaceutical

- Chemical Industry

- Construction

- Glass and Ceramics Industry

- High-Tech Industries

- Consumer Goods Industry

- Textile Industry

Some specific machines and equipment built, rebuilt or upgraded include:

- Pipe bending machines

- Press room equipment such as sheet metal bending and forming machines

- Cable and wire winding machines, coil processing

- Hydraulic and pneumatic lifting, turning systems

- Single and double leg crushers

- Labeling, printing, packaging machines

- Metal forming machinery

- Custom part handling machinery

- Slitting, trimming, cutting machines

- Shape correction and leveling machinery

- Grinding machines

- Chopping Machinery

- Ovens, dryers, roasters

- Food processing machines

- Sizing and separation machines

- Industrial filling machine solutions

- Horizontal, incline, belt, bucket conveyors

- Oiling, finishing, painting, coating machines

- Surface treatment equipment

- Pollution control equipment

- Inspection and quality control equipment

- 2D and 3D vision systems


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