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Active Optical Components Manufacturing & Assembly

Active Optical Components Manufacturing & Assembly

The ACTIVE OPTICAL COMPONENTS we manufacture and supply are:

• Lasers and photodetectors, PSD (Position Sensitive Detectors), quadcells. Our active optical components span a large spectrum of wavelength regions. Whether your application is high power lasers for industrial cutting, drilling, welding...etc, or medical lasers for surgery or diagnostics, or telecommunication lasers or detectors suitable for the ITU grid, we are your one-stop source. Below are downloadable brochures for some of our off-the-shelf active optical components and devices. If you cannot find what you are searching for, please contact us and we will have something to offer you. We do also custom manufacture active optical components and assemblies according to your application and requirements.

• Among the many achievements of our optical engineers is the concept design, optical and opto-mechanical design of optical scan head for GS 600 LASER DRILLING SYSTEM with dual galvo scanners and self compensating alignment. Since its introduction, the GS600 family has become the system of choice for many leading high volume manufacturers around the World. Using optical design tools such as ZEMAX and CodeV, our optical engineers are ready to design your custom systems. If you only have SOLIDWORKS files for your design, don't worry, send them and we will work out and create the optical design files, optimize & simulate and have you approve the final design. Even a hand sketch, a mockup, a prototype or sample is sufficient in most cases for us to take care of your product development needs.

Download our catalog for active fiber optic products

Download our catalog for photosensors

Download our catalog for photomicrosensors

Download our catalog for sockets and accessories for photosensors and photomicrosensors

Download the catalog of our LED dies and chips

Download our comprehensive electric & electronic components catalog for off-shelf products

Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

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