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Brushes & Brush Manufacturing

Brushes & Brush Manufacturing

AGS-TECH has experts in the consultancy, design and manufacturing of brushes for cleaning and processing equipment manufacturers. We work with you to offer innovative custom brush design solutions. Brush prototypes are developed before volume production runs. We help you to design, develop and manufacture high quality brushes for optimal machine performance. Products can be produced almost at any dimensional specifications you prefer or is suitable for your application. Also the brush bristles can be of various lengths and materials. Both natural and synthetic bristles and materials are being used in our brushes depending on the application. Sometimes we are able to offer you an off-the-shelf brush that will fit your application and needs. Just let us know your needs and we are here to help you.

Some of the types of brushes we are able to supply you are:

  • Industrial Brushes

  • Agricultural Brushes

  • Vegetable Brushes

  • Municipal Brushes

  • Copper Wire Brush

  • Zig Zag Brushes

  • Roller Brush

  • Side Brushes

  • Roller Brushes

  • Disk Brushes

  • Circular Brushes

  • Ring Brushes and Spacers

  • Cleaning Brushes

  • Conveyor Cleaning Brush

  • Polishing Brushes

  • Metal Polishing Brush

  • Window Cleaning Brushes

  • Glass Manufacturing Brushes

  • Trommel Screen Brushes

  • Strip Brushes

  • Industrial Cylinder Brushes

  • Brushes with Varying Bristle Lengths

  • Variable & Adjustable Bristle Length Brushes

  • Synthetic Fibers Brush

  • Natural Fibers Brush

  • Lath Brush

  • Heavy Industrial Scrubbing Brushes

  • Specialist Commercial Brushes


If you do have detailed blueprints of brushes you need manufactured, that is perfect. Just send them to us for evaluation. If you do not have blueprints, no problem. A sample, a photo or a hand sketch of the brush may be sufficient initially for most projects. We will send you special templates to fill in your requirements and details so we can evaluate, design and manufacture your product correctly. In our templates we have questions on details such as:


  • Brush face length

  • Tube length

  • Tube inside and outside diameters

  • Disk inside and outside diameters

  • Disk thickness

  • Brush diameter

  • Brush height

  • Tuft diameter

  • Density

  • Material and color of bristles

  • Bristle diameter

  • Brush pattern & fill pattern (double row helical, double row chevron, full fill,….etc.)

  • Brush drive of choice

  • Applications for the brushes (food, pharmaceuticals, polishing of metals, industrial cleaning…etc.)


With your brushes we can supply you accessories such as pad holders, hooked pads, necessary attachments, disk drives, drive coupling…etc.

If you are unfamiliar with these brush specs, again no problem. We will guide you throughout the design process.

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