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Customized Camera Systems Manufacturing & Assembly

Customized Camera Systems Manufacturing & Assembly
custom camera assemblies
electro-optical assemblies
industrial inspection microscope and camera systems

AGS-TECH offers:


• Camera systems, camera components and custom camera assemblies


• Custom designed and manufactured optical scanners, readers, optical security product assemblies.


• Precision optical, opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies integrating imaging and nonimaging optics, LED lighting, fiber optics and CCD cameras


• Among the products our optical engineers have developed are:


- Omni-directional periscope and camera for surveillance and security applications. 360 x 60º field of view high resolution image, no stitching required.


- Inner cavity wide angle video camera


- Super slim 0.6 mm diameter flexible video endoscope. All medical video couplers fit over standard endoscope eyepieces and are completely sealed and soakable. For our medical endoscope and camera systems, please visit:


- Video camera and coupler for semi-rigid endoscope


- Eye-Q Videoprobe. Non-contact zoom videoprobe for coordinate measuring machines.


- Optical spectrograph & IR imaging system (OSIRIS) for ODIN satellite. Our engineers worked on the flight unit assembly, alignment, integration and test.


- Wind imaging interferometer (WINDII) for NASA upper atmosphere research satellite (UARS). Our engineers worked on consulting on assembly, integration and test. WINDII performance and operational lifetime far exceeded the design goals and requirements.

Depending on your application, we will determine what dimensions, pixel count, resolution, wavelength sensitivity your camera application requires. We can build systems for you suitable for infrared, visible and other wavelengths. Contact us today to find out more. 

Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

Developing a customized camera system can take relatively longer lead times and cost more as compared to ready-to-use systems. Therefore please click on the blue links below to check whether any of our ready-to-use products fit your application:

Hikrobot Smart Machine Vision Products

Hikrobot Machine Vision Standard Products

Hikvision Logistic Vision Solutions

Also make sure to download our comprehensive electric & electronic components catalog for off-shelf products by CLICKING HERE.

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