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Customized Optomechanical Assemblies

Customized Optomechanical Assemblies
Optomechanical Assemblies

AGS-TECH is a supplier of:

• Custom optomechanical assemblies like beam expander, beamsplitter, interferometry, etalon, filter, isolator, polarizer, prism and cube assembly, optical mounts, telescope, binocular, metallurgical microscope, digital camera adapters for microscope and telescope, medical and industrial video couplers, special custom designed illumination systems.

Among the optomechanical products our engineers have developed are:


- A portable metallurgical microscope which can be set as upright or inverted.


- A gravure inspection microscope.


- Digital camera adapters for microscope and telescope. Standard adapters fit all popular digital camera models and can be customized if required.


- Medical and industrial video couplers. All medical video couplers fit over standard endoscope eyepieces and are completely sealed and soakable.


- Night vision goggles

- Automotive mirrors

Optical Components Brochure (Click on the left blue link to download) - in this you can find our free space optical components and subassemblies we use when we design and manufacture optomechanical assembly for special applications. We combine and assemble these optical components with precision machined metal parts to build our customers optomechanical products. We use special bonding and attachment techniques and materials for rigid, reliable and long life assembly. In some cases we deploy ''optical contacting'' technique where we bring extremely flat and clean surfaces together and join them without using any glues or epoxies. Our optomechanical assemblies are sometimes passively assembled and sometimes active assembly takes place where we use lasers and detectors to make sure the parts are properly aligned prior to fixing them in place. Even under extensive environmental cycling in special chambers such as high temperature/low temperature; high humidity/low humidity chambers, our assemblies remain intact and keep working. All our raw materials for optomechanical assembly are procured from World famous sources such as Corning and Schott.

Automotive Mirrors Brochure (Click on the left blue link to download)

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