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Being an industrial products supplier we offer you some of the most indispensable industrial computers & servers & networking & storage devices, embedded computer and systems, single board computers, panel PC, industrial PC, rugged computer, touch screen computers, industrial workstation, industrial computer components & accessories, digital and analog I/O devices, routers, bridge, switching equipment, hub, repeater, proxy, firewall, modem, network interface controller, protocol converter, network attached storage (NAS) arrays, storage area network (SAN) arrays, multichannel relay modules, Full-CAN controller for MODULbus sockets, MODULbus carrier board, incremental encoder module, intelligent PLC link concept, motor controller for DC servo motors, serial interface module, VMEbus prototyping board, intelligent profibus DP slave interface, software, related electronics, chassis-racks-mounts. We bring the best of the World's industrial computer products from factory to your door. Our advantage is in being able to offer you different brand names such as Janz Tec and Korenixfor list prices or lower from our stores. Also what makes us special is our ability to offer you variations of products / custom configurations / integration with other systems that you cannot procure from other sources.

We offer you brand name high quality equipment for the list price or lower. There are significant discounts to the posted prices if your quantity of order is significant. Most of our equipment is in stock. If not in stock, since we are a preferred reseller and distributor we can still supply it within a shorter lead time to you.

In addition to stock items we are capable to offer you special products designed and manufactured according to your needs. Just let us know what differences you need on your industrial computer system and we will get it made according to your needs and requests. We offer you CUSTOM MANUFACTURING and ENGINEERING INTEGRATION capability. We also build CUSTOM AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, MONITORING and PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS by integrating computers, translation stages, rotary stages, motorized components, arms, data acquisition cards, process control cards, sensors, actuators and other hardware and software components of need.

Regardless of your location on earth, we ship within a few days to your door. We have discounted shipment agreements with UPS, FEDEX, TNT, DHL and standard air. You can order online using options such as credit cards using our PayPal account, wire transfer, certified check or money order.

If you would like to speak to us before making a decision or if you have any questions, all you need is to call us and one of our seasoned computer and automation engineers will help you.

To be closer to you, we have offices and warehouses at various global locations. Click on the relevant submenus above to read more about our products in the category of industrial computer.

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For more detailed information, we also invite you to visit our industrial computer store

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