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Fiber Optic Products 

Fiber Optic Products 
Fiber optic assemblies

We supply:

• Fiber optic connectors, adapters, terminators, pigtails, patchcords, connector faceplates, shelves, communication racks, fiber distribution box, splicing enclosure, FTTH node, optical platform, fiber optic taps, splitters-combiners, fixed and variable optical attenuators, optical switch, DWDM, MUX/DEMUX, EDFA, Raman amplifiers and other amplifiers, isolator, circulator, gain flattener, custom fiberoptic assembly for telecommunication systems, optical waveguide devices, CATV products

• Lasers and photodetectors, PSD (Position Sensitive Detectors), quadcells

• Fiber optic assemblies for industrial applications (illumination, light delivery or inspection of pipe interiors, crevices, cavities, body interiors....).

• Fiberoptic assemblies for medical applications (see our site for medical endoscopes and couplers).

Among the products our engineers have developed is a super slim 0.6 mm diameter flexible video endoscope, and a fiber end inspection interferometer. The interferometer was developed by our engineers for in-process and final inspection in manufacturing of fiber connectors.

We use special bonding and attachment techniques and materials for rigid, reliable and long life assemblies. Even under extensive environmental cycling such as high temperature/low temperature; high humidity/low humidity our assemblies remain intact and keep working.

Download our catalog for passive fiber optic components

Download our catalog for active fiber optic products

Download our catalog for free space optical components and assemblies

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