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Please click on the blue highlighted gear cutting and shaping tools of interest below to download related brochure. These are off-the-shelf gear cutting & shaping tools, but we also manufacture according to your drawings and specifications if desired.

Gear Hobbing Cutters (Gear Hobs)


Gear Shaper Cutters


Gear Shaving Cutters


Price: Depends on model and quantity of order. Let us know the product of your interest for quotation.

Since we carry a wide variety of gear cutting and shaping tools with different dimensions, applications and material; it is impossible to list them here. If you are uncertain, we encourage you to contact us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. Please make sure to inform us about:

- Your application


- Material grade desired


- Dimensions


- Finishing requirements


- Packaging requirements


- Labeling requirements


- Quantity per order & yearly demand

Gear Cutting Shaping Tools

CLICK HERE to download our technical capabilities and reference guide for specialty cutting, drilling, grinding, forming, shaping, polishing tools used in medical, dental, precision instrumentation, metal stamping, die forming and other industrial applications.

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