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Holographic Products and Systems Manufacturing

We supply of-the-shelf stock as well as custom designed and manufactured HOLOGRAPHY PRODUCTS, including:

• 180, 270, 360 Degree Hologram Displays/ Holography Based Visual Projection

• Self - adhesive 360 Degree Hologram Displays

• 3D Window Film for Display Advertising

• Full HD Hologram Showcase & Holographic Display 3D Pyramid For Holography Advertising

• 3D Holographic Display Holocube For Holography Advertising

• 3D Holographic Projection System

• 3D Mesh Screen Holographic Screen

• Rear Projection Film / Front Projection Film (by roll)

• Interactive Touch Display

• Curved Projection Screen: Curved Projection Screen is a customized product made-to-order for each customer. We manufacture curved screens, screens for active and passive 3D simulator screens and simulation displays.

• Holographic optical products such as temper proof security and product authenticity stickers (custom print accoording to customer request)

• Holographic Glass Gratings for ornamental or illustrative & educational applications.

To find out about our engineering & research & development capabilities we invite you to visit our engineering site

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