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Industrial & Specialty & Functional Textiles

Industrial & Specialty & Functional Textiles
Electrically conductive & non-conductive textiles and fabrics
Antistatic fabrics for ESD control

Of interest to us are only specialty & functional textiles and fabrics and products made thereof that serve a particular application. These are engineering textiles of outstanding value, also sometimes referred to as technical textiles and fabrics. Woven as well as non-woven fabrics and cloths are available for numerous applications. Below is a list of some major types of industrial & specialty & functional textiles that are within our product development and manufacturing scope. We are willing to work with you on designing, developing and manufacturing your products made of:

  • Hydrophobic (water repellant) & hydrophilic (water absorbing) textile materials

  • Textiles and fabrics of extraordinary strength, durability  and resistance to severe environmental conditions (such as bulletproof, high heat resistant, low-temperature resistant, flame resistant, inert or resistant against corrosive fluids and gases, resisting mildew formation….)

  • Antibacterial & Antifungal textiles and fabrics

  • UV protective

  • Electrically conductive & non-conductive textiles and fabrics

  • Antistatic fabrics for ESD control….etc.

  • Textiles and fabrics with special optical properties and effects (fluorescent…etc.)

  • Textiles, fabrics and cloths with special filtering capabilities, filter manufacturing

  • Industrial textiles such as duct fabrics, interlinings, reinforcement, transmission belts, reinforcements for rubber (conveyer belts, print blankets, cords), textiles for tapes and abrasives.

  • Textiles for the automotive industry (hoses, belts, airbags, interlinings, tires)

  • Textiles for construction, building and infrastructure products (concrete cloth, geomembranes, and fabric innerduct)

  • Composite multi-functional textiles having different layers or components for different functions.

  • Textiles made by activated carbon infusion on polyester fibers to provide cotton hand feel, odor release, moisture management and UV protection features.

  • Textiles made from shape memory polymers

  • Textiles for surgery and surgical implants, biocompatible fabrics


Please note that we engineer, design and manufacture products to your needs and specifications. We can either manufacture products according to your specifications or, If desired, we can help you in choosing the right materials and designing the product.

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