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Lighting & Illumination Systems Manufacturing and Assembly

Lighting & Illumination Systems Manufacturing and Assembly
LED Lights Assembly and LED Illumination

As an engineering integrator, AGS-TECH can provide you custom designed and manufactured LIGHTING & ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS. We have the software tools such as ZEMAX and CODE V for optical design, optimization & simulation and the firmware to test illumination, light intensity, density, chromatic output...etc of lighting and illumination systems. More specifically we offer:

• Lighting and illumination fixtures, assemblies, systems, low power energy saving LED or fluorescent based illumination assemblies according to your optical specifications, needs and requirements.

• Special application lighting & illumination systems for harsh environments, such as ships, boats, chemical plants, submarine...etc. with enclosures made of salt resisting materials such as brass and bronze and special connectors.

• Lighting and illumination systems based on fiber optic, fiber bunch or waveguiding devices.

• Lighting and illumination systems working at visible as well as other spectral regions such as UV or IR.

Some of our brochures related to lighting & illumination systems can be downloaded from below links:

Download the catalog of our LED dies and chips

Download the catalog of our LED lights

Relight Model LED Lights Brochure

Download our catalog for indicator lamps and warning lights

Download brochure of additional indicator lamps with UL and CE and IP65 certification ND16100111-1150582

Download our brochure for LED display panels

Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

We use software programs such as ZEMAX and CODE V for optical system design including lighting and illumination systems. We have the expertise to simulate a series of cascaded optical components and their resulting illumination distribution, beam angles...etc. Whether your application is free space optics like automotive lighting or lighting for buildings; or guided optics such as waveguides, fiber optic ....etc., we have the expertise in optical design to optimize the distribution of illumination density and save you energy, obtain the desired spectral output, diffuse lighting characterisics....etc. We have designed and manufactured products such as a motorcycle headlamps, taillights, visible wavelength prism and lens assemblies for liquid level sensors....etc. Depending on your needs and budget we can design and assemble lighting and illumination systems from off-the-shelf components as well as custom design & manufacture them.

With the deepening energy crisis, households and corporations have started implementing energy saving strategies and products to their daily lives. Lighting is one of the major areas where energy consumption can be dramatically reduced. As we know, traditional filament based lightbulbs consume a lot of energy. The fluorescent lights consume significantly less and the LED (Light Emitting Diodes) consume even less, down to about only 15% of the energy classical light bulbs consume for providing the same amount of illumination. This means LEDs consume only a fraction ! LEDs of SMD type can also be assembled very economically, reliably and with improved modern look. We can attach desired quantity of LED chips on your special design lighting & illumination systems and can custom manufacture the glass housing, panels and other components for you. Besides energy conservation, the aesthetics of your lighting system can play an important role. In some applications, special materials are needed to minimize or avoid corrosion and damage to your lighting systems, such as the case on boats and ships being adversely influenced by salty seawater droplets that can corrode your equipment and result in malfunctioning or unaesthetic appearance over time.

So whether you are developing a spotlight system, emergency lighting systems, automotive lighting systems, ornamental or architectural lighting systems, lighting and illumination instrument for a biolab or else, contact us for our opinion. We may very likely be able to offer you something that will enhance your project, add to the functionality, aesthetics, reliability and reduce your cost.

More on our engineering and research & development capabilities can be found at our engineering site

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