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Optical Coatings & Filter Manufacturing

We offer off-shelf as well as custom manufactured:

• Optical coatings and filters, waveplates, lenses, prisms, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, optical flat, etalons, polarizers…etc.

• Various optical coatings on your prefered substrates, including antireflective, custom designed wavelength specific transmissive, reflective. Our optical coatings are manufactured by ion beam sputtering technique and other suitable techniques to obtain bright, durable, spectrally specification-matching filters and coatings. If you prefer, we can select the most suitable optical substrate material for your application. Simply tell us about your application and wavelength, optical power level and other key parameters and we will work with you to develop and manufacture your product.

Some optical coatings, filters and components have matured over the years and have become commodity. We manufacture these in low cost countries of Southeast Asia. On the other hand some optical coatings and components have tight spectral and geometric requirements, which we do manufacture in the US using our design and process know-how and state of the art equipment. Do not overpay unneccessarily for optical coatings, filters and components. Contact us to guide you and get you the most for your money.

Optical Components Brochure (includes coatings, filter, lenses, prisms...etc)

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