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Passive Optical Components Manufacturing & Assembly

Passive Optical Components Manufacturing & Assembly
optical communication devices
fiber optic assemblies for telecommunication systems


• FIBER OPTICAL COMMUNICATION DEVICES: Fiberoptic taps, splitters-combiners, fixed and variable optical attenuators, optical switch, DWDM, MUX/DEMUX, EDFA, Raman amplifiers and other amplifiers, circulators, gain flatteners, custom fiber optic assemblies for telecommunication systems, optical waveguide devices, splicing enclosure, CATV products.

• INDUSTRIAL FIBER OPTICAL ASSEMBLY: Fiber optic assemblies for industrial applications (illumination, light delivery or inspection of pipe interiors, fiberscopes, endoscopes....).

• FREE SPACE PASSIVE OPTICAL COMPONENTS and ASSEMBLY: These are optical components made from special grade glasses and crystals with superior transmission and reflection and other outstanding characteristics. Lenses, prisms, beamsplitters, waveplates, polarizers, mirrors, filters......etc. are among this category. You can download our off-shelf passive free space optical components and assemblies from our catalog below or ask us for custom designing and manufacturing them specially for your application.

Among the passive optical assemblies our engineers have developed are:


- A test and cutting station for polarized attenuators.


- Video endoscopes and fiberscopes for medical applications.

We use special bonding and attachment techniques and materials for rigid, reliable and long life assemblies. Even under extensive environmental cycling tests such as high temperature/low temperature; high humidity/low humidity our assemblies remain intact and keep working.

Passive optical components and assemblies have become commodities in recent years. There really is no need to pay big amounts for these components. Contact us to take advantage of our competitive prices for the highest quality available. All our passive optical components and assemblies are manufactured in ISO9001 and TS16949 certified plants and conform to relevant international standards such as Telcordia for communication optics and UL, CE for industrial optical assemblies.

Passive Fiber Optic Components and Assembly Brochure

Passive Free Space Optical Components and Assembly Brochure

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