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RF and Wireless Devices Manufacturing & Assembly

RF and Wireless Devices Manufacturing & Assembly
RF Devices Manufacturing

• Wireless components, devices and assemblies for remote sensing, remote control and communication. We can help you during the design, development, prototyping or mass production of various types of fixed, mobile, and portable two way radios, cellular telephones, GPS units, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smart and remote control equipment and wireless networking devices and instruments. We also have off-shelf wireless components and devices you can select from our brochures below.

Antenna Brochure for 5G - LTE 4G - LPWA 3G - 2G - GPS - GNSS - WLAN - BT - Combo - ISM

High frequency devices product line

(Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, IPD, CPL, Balanced Filter, Diplexer, Balun, Chip Antenna...etc.)

Microwave Flexible Cable Assembly

Microwave and Milimeter Wave Test Accessories Brochure (Cable assemblies, VNA Test Assemblies, Mechanical Calibration Kits, RF Coaxial Adapters, Test Port Adapters, DC Blocks, NMD Connectors....etc.)

Precision RF AdapterCatalog

(Coax RF, Microwave, mmWave Adapters such as SMA, SSMA, SMP, BNC, Type-N, 3.5 mm.....etc)

RF Components Brochure for Coaxial Fixed Attenuators, Coaxial Terminations, DC Blocks, Coax Adapters, Waveguide Components, Power Dividers, RF Connectors, RF Tools. 

RF devices and high frequency inductors

(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Chip-Resistor, Disc Capacitors, RF & HF Inductor Varistors & SMD-Varistors, Chip Antenna, Filters, Coupler)

RF and Microwave Components

(Broadband 90/180 Degree Hybrid and Coupler, Broadband Power Divider, Filter, RF switch, Broadband Amplifier, Broadband Frequency Synthesizer)

RF Product Overview Chart

(RF Antenna, Multilayer Ceramic Filter, Multilayer Ceramic Balun, Ceramic Diplexer) 

Soft Ferrites - Cores - Toroids - EMI Suppression Products - RFID Transponders and Accessories Brochure

Information on our facility producing ceramic to metal fittings, hermetic sealing, vacuum feedthroughs, high and ultrahigh vacuum components, BNC, SHV adapters and connectors, conductors and contact pins, connector terminals can be found here: Factory Brochure

Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

We also participate in Third Party Resource Program and are a reseller of products offered by RF Digital ( Website: ) , a company that manufactures an extensive line of fully integrated, low cost, high quality, high performance, configurable Wireless RF Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules, suitable for a wide range of applications. We participate in RF Digital's referral program as a Product Design and Development Company.

Contact us to take advantage of our fully integrated, configurable Wireless RF Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules, High Frequency RF Devices, and most importantly of our consulting services regarding the implementation and application of these wireless components and devices and our engineering integration services. We can make you realize your new product development cycle by assisting you at every phase of the process, from concept to design to prototyping to first article manufacturing to mass production.

• Some applications of wireless technology we can help you with are:

- Wireless security systems


- Remote control of consumer electronic devices or commercial equipment.


- Cellular telephony (phones and modems):


- WiFi


- Wireless energy transfer


- Radio communication devices


- Short-range point-to-point communication devices such as wireless microphones, remote controls, IrDA, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Wireless USB, DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications), EnOcean, Near Field Communication, Wireless Sensor Networks : ZigBee, EnOcean; Personal area networks, Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband, wireless computer networks: Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMAN)...etc.

More information on our engineering and research & development capabilities is available at our engineering site

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