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Tanks and Containers

Wire Mesh Cage Containers
Tanks and Containers
Plastic and Polymer Tanks & Containers
Collapsible Tanks & Containers

We supply chemical, powder, liquid and gas storage containers and tanks made from inert polymers, stainless steel....etc. We have foldable, rolling containers, stackable containers, collapsible containers, containers with other useful functionalities finding applications in many industries such as construction, food, pharmaceuticals, chemical, petrochemical....etc. Tell us about your application and we will recommend you the most suitable container. Large volume stainless steel or other material containers are custom made to order and according to your specifications. Smaller containers are generally available off-the-shelf and also custom manufactured if your quantities justify. If quantities are significant, we can blow or rotation mould plastic containers & tanks according to your specifications. Here are the main types of our tanks and containers:

Wire Mesh Cage Containers

We have a variety of Wire Mesh Cage Containers in stock and can also custom manufacture them according to your specifications and needs. Our Wire Mesh Cage Containers include products such as:

Stackable Cage Pallets

Foldable Wire Mesh Roll Containers

Foldable Wire Mesh Containers

All our wire mesh cage containers are made of highest quality stainless or mild steel materials and the non-stainless versions are coated against corrosion and decay generally using zinc, hot dip or powder coating. Color of finish is generally zinc: white or yellow; or powder coated according to your request. Our wire mesh cage containers are assembled under strict quality control procedures and tested for mechanical impact, weight carrying capacity, durability, strength and long term reliability. Our wire mesh cage containers conform to international quality standards as well as US and international transportation industry standards. Wire mesh cage containers are generally used as storage boxes & bins, storage carts, transportation carts..etc. When choosing a wire mesh cage container, please consider important parameters such as loading capacity, weight of the container itself, dimensions of the grid, exterior and interior dimensions, whether you need a container that folds flat for space-saving shipping and storage, and please also consider how many of a particular container can be loaded in a 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container. The bottom line is wire mesh cage containers are long lasting, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable packaging. 
Below are downloadable brochures of our wire mesh container products.

- Wire Mesh Container Quote Design Form (please click to download, fill out and email us)


Stainless and Metal Tanks & Containers

Our stainless and other metal tanks and containers are ideal for storing creams and fluids. They are ideal for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries and others. They comply with European, American and international guidelines. Our stainless and metal tanks are easy to clean. These containers have steady basis and can be sanitized with no retention area. We can fit our stainless and metal tanks and containers with all types of accessories, such as integration of a washing head. Our containers are pressurizable. They are easily adaptable to your plant and workplace. Working pressures of our containers vary, so make sure to compare the specifications to your needs. Our aluminum containers and tanks are also very popular in the industry. Some models are mobile with wheels, others are stackable. We have powder, granules and pellets storage tanks that are UN approved for transportation of hazardous products. We are capable to custom design and fabricate stainless and metal tanks according to your needs and specifications. Inner and outer dimensions, wall thicknesses of our stainless and metal tanks & containers can be varied according to your requirements.


Stainless and Aluminum Tanks & Containers

Stackable Tanks and Containers

Wheeled Tanks and Containers

IBC & GRV Tanks 

Powder, Granules and Pellets Storage Tanks

Custom Designed and Fabricated Tanks and Containers


Please click links below to download our brochures for Stainless and Metal Tanks & Containers:


Plastic and Polymer Tanks & Containers

AGS-TECH supplies tanks & containers from a vast variety of plastic and polymer materials. 
We encourage you to contact us with your request and specify the following so we can quote you the most appropriate product.

- Application
- Material grade
- Dimensions
- Finish
- Packaging requirements
- Quantity


For example FDA approved food grade plastic materials are important for some containers storing beverages, grains, fruit juice....etc. On the other hand, if you need plastic and polymer tanks and containers to store chemicals or pharmaceuticals, the inertness of the plastic material against the content is of utmost importance. Contact us for our opinion on materials. You can also order off-shelf plastic and polymer tanks & containers from our brochures below.

Please click on the links below to download our brochures for plastic and polymer tanks and containers:


Fiberglass Tanks & Containers

We offer tanks & containers made of fiberglass materials. Our fiberglass tanks and containers meet US & internationally accepted standards for storage tank construction. Fiberglass tanks & containers are fabricated with contact molded laminates conforming to ASTM 4097 and filament wound laminates conforming to ASTM 3299. Special resins used in fiberglass tanks fabrication are chosen based upon customer information regarding concentration, temperature, and corrosive behavior of the product being stored. FDA approved as well as fire retardant resins are available for special applications.
We encourage you to contact us with your request and specify the following so we can quote you the most appropriate fiberglass tank and container.

- Application
- Material expectations & specifications
- Dimensions
- Finish
- Packaging requirements
- Quantity needed


We will happily give you our opinion. You can also order off-shelf fiberglass tanks & containers from our brochures below. If none of the fiberglass tanks and containers in our off-shelf portfolio satisfies you, please let us know and we can consider custom manufacturing according to your needs.


Collapsible Tanks & Containers

Collapsible water tanks and containers are your best choice to store liquid in applications where plastic barrels and other containers are too small or impractical. Also when you need large amounts of water or liquid quickly without constructing a concrete or metal tank, our collapsible tanks and containers are ideal. As the name implies, collapsible tanks and containers, are collapsible, meaning that you can shrink them after use, roll and make them very compact and small in volume, easy to store and transport when empty. They are reusable. We can supply you any size and model and according to your specifications.

General Features of our Collapsible Tanks and Containers:
- Color: Blue, orange, grey, dark green, black,.....etc.

- Material: PVC 
- Capacity: Generally between 200 to 30000 liters
- Light weight, easy operation.
- Minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage.
- No contamination of water
- High strength of coated fabric, adhesion up to 60 lb/in.
- High strength of the seams is assured with the high frequency melt and sealed with the same polyurethane as the tank body, so the tanks have excellent ability preventing air leakage and its very safe for water.


Applications for Collapsible Tanks and Containers:
· Temporary Storage
· Rainwater Collection
· Residential and Public Storage of Water
· Defense Water Storage Applications
· Water Treatment
· Emergency Storage and Relief
· Irrigation
· Construction companies choose PVC water tanks to test bridge maximum load 
· Fire fighting 

We also accept OEM orders. Custom labeling, packaging and logo printing is available.

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