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Mesh & Wire

Mesh & Wire
Wire Mesh Filters
Perforated Metal Mesh
Conveyor Belt Mesh

We supply wire and mesh products, including galvanized iron wires, PVC coated iron binding wires, wire mesh, wire net, fencing wires, conveyor belt mesh, perforated metal mesh. Besides our off-the-shelf wire mesh products we do custom manufacture mesh and metal wire products according to your specifications and needs. We cut to desired size, label and package according to customer requirements. Please click on submenus below to read more about a specific wire & mesh product.


Galvanized Wires & Metal Wires

These wires are used in numerous applications throughout industry. For example galvanized iron wires are frequently used for binding and attachment purposes, as ropes of considerable tensile strength. These metal wires can be hot dip galvanized and have metallic appearance or they can be PVC coated and be colored. Barbed wires have various razor types and are used for keeping intruders outside of restricted areas. Various wire gauges are available from stock. Long wires come in coils. If quantities justify, we may be able to manufacture them at your desired lengths and coil dimensions. Custom labeling and packaging of our Galvanized Wires, Metal Wires, Barbed Wire is possible.

Download brochures:

- Metal Wires - Galvanized - Black Annealed


Wire Mesh Filters

These are mostly made of thin stainless steel wire mesh and widely used in industry as filters for filtering liquids, dusts, powders...etc. Wire mesh filters have thicknesses in the few milimeters range. AGS-TECH has achieved manufacturing wire mesh with wire diameters less than 1 mm for electromagnetic shielding of military naval illumination systems. We manufacture wire mesh filters with dimensions according to customer specifications. Square, round and oval are commonly used geometries. Wire diameters and mesh count of our filters can be chosen by you. We cut them to size and frame the edges so the filter mesh does not get distorted or damaged. Our wire mesh filters possess high strainability, long lifespan, strong and reliable edges. Some usage areas of our wire mesh filters are chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, brewage, beverage, electromagnetic shielding, automotive industry, mechanical applications, etc.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes wire mesh filters)


Perforated Metal Mesh

Our perforated metal mesh sheets are produced from galvanized steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper plates, nickel plates or as requested by you, the customer. Various hole shapes and patterns can be stamped as you wish. Our perforated metal mesh offers smoothness, perfect surface flatness, strength and durability and is suitable for many applications. By supplying perforated metal mesh we have fulfilled the needs of many industries and applications including indoor sound insulation, silencer manufacturing, mining, medicine, food processing, ventilation, agricultural storage, mechanical protection and more. Call us today. We will happily cut, stamp, bend, fabricate your perforated metal mesh according to your specifications and needs.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes perforated metal mesh)


Wire Mesh Fence & Panels & Reinforcement

Wire mesh is widely used in construction, landscaping, home improvement, gardening, road building...etc., with popular applications of wire mesh as fence and reinforcement panels in construction. See our downloadable brochures below to choose your preferred model of mesh opening, wire gauge, color and finish. All of our wire mesh fence & panels and reinforcement products are compliant with international industry standards. A variety of wire mesh fence structures are available from stock.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes information on our fence & panels and reinforcement)


Conveyor Belt Mesh

Our Conveyor Belt Mesh are generally made of reinforced mesh stainless steel wire, stainless iron wire, nichrome wire, bullet wire. Applications of conveyor belt mesh are as filter and as conveyer belt for use in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, food industry, pharmaceuticals, glass industry, delivery of parts within a plant or facility..., etc.

Weave Style of most conveyor belt mesh is pre-bending to spring and then insertion of wire.

Wire diameters are generally: 0.8-2.5mm

Wire thicknesses are generally: 5-13.2mm

Common colors are generally: Silver

Generally width is between 0.4m-3m and lengths are between 0.5 - 100 m

Conveyor belt mesh is heat resistant

Chain type, width and length of conveyor belt mesh are among the customizable parameters.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes general information on our capabilities)



Customized Wire Mesh Products (such as Cable Trays, Stirrup....etc.)

From wire mesh and perforated metal mesh we can manufacture a variety of custom products such as cable trays, stirrers, Faraday cages & EM shielding structures, wire baskets and trays, architectural objects, objects of art, steel wire mesh gloves used in the meat industry for protection against injuries...etc. Our customized wire mesh, perforated metals, and expanded metals can be cut to size and flattened for your desired application. Flattened wire mesh is commonly used as machine guards, ventilation screens, burner screens, security screens, liquid drainage screens, ceiling panels and many other applications. We can create customized perforated metals with hole shapes and sizes to meet your project and product requirements. Perforated metals are versatile in their use. We can also provide coated wire mesh. Coatings can improve durability of your customized wire mesh products and also provide a rust resistant barrier. Custom wire mesh coatings available include Powder Coating, Electro-Polishing, Hot-Dipped Galvanizing, Nylon, Painting, Aluminizing, Electro-Galvanizing, PVC, Kevlar,...etc. Whether woven from wire as customized wire mesh, or stamped & punched and flattened from sheet metal as perforated sheets, contact AGS-TECH for your customized product requirements.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes plenty of information on our customized wire mesh production capabilities)

- Wire Mesh Cable Trays and Baskets Brochure (besides the products in this brochure you can get customized cable trays according to your specifications)

- Wire Mesh Container Quote Design Form (please click to download, fill out and email us)

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