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Jigs, Fixtures, Tools, Workholding Solutions,
Mold Components Manufacturing

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We offer custom manufactured and off-shelf jigs, fixtures and toolings for your workshop, factory, plant lab or other facility. 

The types of jigs you can purchase from us are:

- Template Jig

- Plate Jig

- Angle-Plate Jig

- Channel Jig

- Diameter Jig

- Leaf Jig

- Ring Jig

- Box Jig

The types of fixtures we can supply you are:

- Turning Fixtures

- Milling Fixtures

- Broaching Fixtures

- Grinding Fixtures

- Boring Fixtures

- Tapping Fixtures

- Duplex Fixtures

- Welding Fixtures

- Assembly Fixtures

- Drilling Fixtures

- Indexing Fixtures

Some cathegories of industrial machine tools we manufacture and ship include:

- Press tools and dies, shears

- Extrusion dies

- Molds, molding and casting tools

- Forming tools

- Shaping tools

- Drilling, cutting, broaching, hobbing tools

- Grinding tools

- Machining, milling, turning tools

- Holding and clamping tools

Workholding Tools Catalog - 1

Check this catalog for our 100% EROWA and 3R compatible workholding tools. We accept OEM work, you can send us a drawing for evaluation.

Workholding Tools Catalog - 2

Check this catalog for our Workholding Devices, Die and Mold Clamps, Clamping Elements, Clamping Kits, Fixture Clamps, Toggle Clamps, Milling & MC Vices, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamps, Milling & Grinding Accessories, Wire Cut EDM Workholders...etc. We accept OEM work, you can send us a drawing for evaluation.

EDM Tooling - Workholding Catalog

Includes EDM Tooling System and Elements, EROWA Link, 3R-Link, UniClamp, Square Clamp, RefTool Holder, PIN Holder System, Clamping Elements, Swivel Block and Vises, CentroClamp, EDM Spare Parts....etc.

Wire EDM Tooling - Workholding Catalog

Includes Wire EDM Clamping Systems & Sets, Corner Sets, Ruler & Spanner, EDM Clamping Block, 3D Swivel Head, Vise Set, WEDM Vises and Magnetic Tables, Multiclamp, Wire EDM Pendulum Holder, V-Block, ICS Adapter, Beams, Beam IF, Z-Flex, Turn and Index Table, Collet Chuck Holder, EDM Link and Adapter, 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck ....etc.   

Plastic Mold Components Catalog

Here you will find off-shelf components, products that you can order and use in manufacturing your molds. These products are ideal for mold makers. Example products you can find here are ejector pins, slide units, pressure plugs, guide pins, sprue bushings, slide holding devices, wear plates, ejector sleeves.....etc. 

You may also find our following page link useful: Industrial Machines and Equipment Manufacturing

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