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Electrical & Electronic Components and Assemblies

Electrical and Electronic Components and Assemblies

As a custom manufacturer and engineering integrator, AGS-TECH can supply you the following ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS and ASSEMBLIES:

• Active and passive electronic components, devices, subassemblies and finished products. We can either use the electronic components in our catalogs and brochures listed below or use your prefered manufacturers components in your electronic products assembly. Some of the electronic components and assembly can be custom tailored according to your needs and requirements. If your order quantities justify, we can have the manufacturing plant produce according to your specifications. You can scroll down and download our brochures of interest by clicking on highlighted text:

Custom Specialized Cable Assemblies Brochure for Lighting, Touch Technology, Industrial Electronics, Security, White Goods, Aerospace, Military, Telecom, Medical & Sterilizable, Renewable Energy...etc.

Off-shelf interconnect components and hardware


Terminal Blocks and Connectors

Terminal Blocks General Catalogue

Receptacles-Power Entry-Connectors Catalogue

Chip resistors

Chip resistors product line


Varistors product overview

Diodes and rectifiers

RF Components Brochure for Coaxial Fixed Attenuators, Coaxial Terminations, DC Blocks, Coax Adapters, Waveguide Components, Power Dividers, RF Connectors, RF Tools. 

RF devices and high frequency inductors (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Chip-Resistor, Disc Capacitors, RF & HF Inductor Varistors & SMD-Varistors, Chip Antenna, Filters, Coupler)

RF and Microwave Components (Broadband 90/180 Degree Hybrid and Coupler, Broadband Power Divider, Filter, RF switch, Broadband Amplifier, Broadband Frequency Synthesizer)

RF Product Overview Chart (RF Antenna, Multilayer Ceramic Filter, Multilayer Ceramic Balun, Ceramic Diplexer)

Precision RF AdapterCatalog (Coax RF, Microwave, mmWave Adapters such as SMA, SSMA, SMP, BNC, Type-N, 3.5 mm.....etc)

High frequency devices product line (Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, IPD, CPL, Balanced Filter, Diplexer, Balun, Chip Antenna...etc.)

Antenna Brochure for 5G - LTE 4G - LPWA 3G - 2G - GPS - GNSS - WLAN - BT - Combo - ISM 

Microwave Flexible Cable Assembly

Microwave and Milimeter Wave Test Accessories Brochure (Cable assemblies, VNA Test Assemblies, Mechanical Calibration Kits, RF Coaxial Adapters, Test Port Adapters, DC Blocks, NMD Connectors....etc.)

Microwave Waveguides - Coaxial Components - Milimeterwave Antennas (Straight Waveguide, Waveguide Bend, Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter, Directional Couplers, Waveguide Tee, Circulators, Isolators......etc.)

Multilayer ceramic capacitors MLCC catalog

Multilayer ceramic capacitors MLCC product line

Disc capacitors catalog

Zeasset Model Electrolytic Capacitors

Yaren Model MOSFET - SCR - FRD - Voltage Control Devices - Bipolar Transistors

Soft Ferrites - Cores - Toroids - EMI Suppression Products - RFID Transponders and Accessories Brochure

Vandal-Proof IP65/IP67/IP68 Keyboards, Keypads, Pointing Devices, ATM Pinpads, Medical & Military Keyboards and other similar Rugged Computer Peripherals

• Other electronic components and assembly we have been providing are pressure sensors, temperature sensors, conductivity sensors, proximity sensors, humidity sensors, speed sensor, shock sensor, chemical sensor, inclination sensor, load cell, strain gauges.


To download related catalogs and brochures of these, please click on colored text:

Pressure sensors, pressure gauges, transducers and transmitters


Thermal Resistor Temperature Transducer UTC1 (-50~+600 C)

Thermal Resistor Temperature Transducer UTC2 (-40~+200 C)

Explosive Proof Temperature Transmitter UTB4

Integrated Temperature Transmitter UTB8

Smart Temperature Transmitter UTB-101

Din Rail Mounted Temperature Transmitters UTB11

Temperature Pressure Integration Transmitter UTB5

Digital Temperature Transmitter UTI2

Intelligent Temperature Transmitter UTI5

Digital Temperature Transmitter UTI6

Wireless Digital Temperature Gauge UTI7

Electronic Temperature Switch UTS2

Temperature Humidity Transmitters

Load cells, weight sensors, load gauges, transducers and transmitters

Coding system for off-shelf strain gauges

Strain Gauges for Stress Analysis

Proximity sensors

Sockets and accessories of proximity sensors

• Chip level micrometer scale tiny Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) based devices such as micropumps, micromirrors, micromotors, microfluidic devices.

• Integrated Circuits (IC)

• Switching elements, switch, relay, contactor, circuit breaker

Push button and rotary switches & control boxes

Sub-Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certification JQC-3F100111-1153132

Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certification JQX-10F100111-1153432

Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certifications JQX-13F100111-1154072

Miniature Circuit Breakers with UL and CE Certification NB1100111-1114242

Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certification JTX100111-1155122

Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certification MK100111-1155402

Miniature Power Relay with UL and CE Certification NJX-13FW100111-1152352

Electronic Overload Relay with UL and CE Certification NRE8100111-1143132

Thermal Overload Relay with UL and CE Certification NR2100111-1144062

Contactors with UL and CE Certification NC1100111-1042532

Contactors with UL and CE Certification NC2100111-1044422

Contactors with UL and CE Certifications NC6100111-1040002

Definite Purpose Contactor with UL and CE Certifications NCK3100111-1052422

• Electric fans and coolers for installation in electronic and industrial devices

• Heating elements, thermoelectric coolers (TEC)

Standard heat sinks

Extruded heat sinks

Super Power heat sinks for medium - high power electronic systems

Heat sinks with Super Fins

Easy Click heat sinks

Super cooling plates

Waterless cooling plates

• We supply Electronic Enclosures for protection of your electronic components and assembly. Besides these off-shelf electronic enclosures, we do custom injection mold and thermoform electronic enclosures that fit your technical drawings. Please download from links below.

Tibox Model Enclosures and Cabinets

Economic 17 Series Hand Held Enclosures

10 Series Sealed Plastic Enclosures

08 Series Plastic Cases

18 Series Special Plastic Enclosures

24 Series DIN Plastic Enclosures

37 Series Plastic Equipment Cases

15 Series Modular Plastic Enclosures

14 Series PLC Enclosures

31 Series Potting and Power Supply Enclosures

20 Series Wall-Mounting Enclosures

03 Series Plastic and Steel Enclosures

02 Series Plastic and Aluminum Instrument Case Systems II

01 Series Instrument Case System-I

05 Series Instrument Case System-V

11 Series Die-cast Aluminium Boxes

16 Series DIN rail module enclosures

19 Series Desktop Enclosures

21 Series Card Reader Enclosures

• Telecommunication and datacommunication products, lasers, receivers, transceivers, transponders, modulators, amplifiers. CATV products such as CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7 cables, CATV splitters.

• Laser components and assembly

• Acoustic components and assemblies, recording electronics

- These catalogs contain only some brands we sell. We also have generic brand names and other brands with similar good quality for you to choose from.

Dowload brochure for our DESIGN PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM

- Contact us for your special electronic assembly requests. We integrate various components & products and manufacture complex assemblies. We can either design it for you or assemble according to your design.

Reference Code: OICASANLY

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